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Owen Sound: Dry Clothes Faster & More Safely!

Does it seem like it’s taking more time to dry your clothes? Do your clothes seem less fresh? It may be due to the accumulation of lint and debris within your dryer’s vents and connections. Not only do extended drying times wear down your clothes faster, but a clogged dryer vent can lead to a house fire.

Don’t Risk It

Ontario Fire Marshall Michael Ng states that nearly 200 house fires in the province are due to laundry dryers. One third of these instances could have been prevented if the owner had called for vent maintenance.

Free Estimates

Reduce your drying times and the risk — call Magnum Duct Cleaning for a free estimate today! Services are available to Owen Sound, Grey and Bruce Counties, and the surrounding areas.

Free Estimate

Get a free quote on inspection and cleaning services

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